b. 1986, HK.


Creative Executive with over ten years of experience leading and modernizing brands, building teams, making change, and driving growth. Brand strategist, marketing executive, creative director, design leader, P&L owner, whatever. Currently inspiring the world to listen better with Sonos.

Brands :

Urban Outfitters
Sundance Channel

schools :

Yale School of Business (lecturer)
California Institute of the Arts (critic)
Rhode Island School of Design (critic)
Art Center College of Design (lecturer)
Yale University (M.F.A.)
Wesleyan University (B.A.)

works :

Brand Identity:
The New Sonos Brand Identity.
“We had a unique opportunity to update our brand strategy, brand identity, and do a full website redesign at the same time,”

Ad Campaign:
Sonos vs. The Not-So-Smart Home
Poking fun at the foibles of the “smart” home.

Brand Act:
Sonos Remasters The Yule Log
Why remaster the Yule Log? Why create the David when there’s plenty of other sculptures around?”

Brand Act:
Sonos Redesigns the NASDAQ Bell

Ad Campaign:
Sonos Makes It Home
”Music can make the whole house fuse together and feel connected.”

Brand Content:
Andrew Bird On Echolocating the Perfect-Sounding Home

Brand Identity:
Patagonia Brand Identity
Brand redesign still going strong.

thoughts :

Podcast Interview:
The Design of Business | The Business of Design with Michael Beirut and Jessica Helfand

Podcast Interview:
Scratching The Surface with Jarrett Fuller

Keynote Presentation:
Google SPAN Conference

Hero Meets: Sonos’ VP Global Brand
There are several Talking Heads songs that really help me tap into the Sonos mission. In particular “Once In a Lifetime”.

Designing Our Own Graves
These products embody an emerging form of inverted consumerism where the consumer provides the parts and the labor.

Bartelby TM
Can design give people access to the void outside of choice and work that has been slowly drained from our everyday lives?

Talking social media back in 2011. Awww.

playlists :

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